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Hello and Welcome!

My Name is Peter Allen Jensen, I am a Country Blues singer, songwriter and guitarist from Northern Michigan. Although often mistaken for Bluegrass, My music is one hundred percent Country Blues. 


What is the Country Blues?


The Country Blues is the earliest form of American Folk Music. Predominantly performed solo, with finger-style guitar accompaniment. Country Blues borrows heavily from early ragtime and jazz. The guitar almost takes on the identity of a piano, with right hand picking techniques that can make it sound like multiple guitars playing together. The style became popular around the mid 1920’s when record companies went searching in rural towns of the south for African-American recording artists. The genre reemerged in the 1960’s during the folk music revival, and it lives on today being performed by different types of people all over the world. 


Northern Michigan Country Blues?


My dream with guitar has always been to entertain on a porch or around a campfire without any accompaniment or amplification. I first heard Muddy Waters, Stovall Plantation recordings at the age of 24. Now, a decade later, I am still obsessed with recreating the sound and style of those recordings. Along the way I have met, learned from, and played with many wonderful musicians including Country Blues masters, Woody Mann, Paul Rishell and Annie Raines. Now I am in the lifelong process of finding my own sound and sharing this wonderful music with the world. 


Please take the the time to check out my website, listen to some music and find out where I’ll be performing next!


Thank You!


Peter Allen Jensen 

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